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Indian Subsidiary

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Indian Subsidiary

What is a Indian Subsidiary Company ?

Indian Subsidiary Company Online :- A Subsidiary is a company with the voting stock that is more than 50% controlled another company usually referred to the parent company or holding company. A subsidiary is party or completely owned by parent company.

Documents required for India subsidiary

From all Directors and Shareholders
  • Copy of Passport of foreign Directors appostolised by Embassy / duly notarized).
  • Scanned copy of Incorporation certificate issued by respective foreign government (INC /LLC) (Appostolised by embassy /duly notarized).
  • A Resolution from INC /LLC for opening a subsidiary company in India. (appostolised by the Indian embassy and duly notarized).
  • Copy of PAN Card for the Indian Director.
  • Identity Proof (Voter Id/ PAN Card /Passport).
  • Address Proof ( Electricity Bill/ Bank Statement/ Telephone Bill).
  • Rent Agreement in case of rented property or NOC if owned by relatives


  •  1:-  OBTAINING DSC & DIN Get (DSC) & (DIN) of all members and Directors within 5-to-7 days.
  •  2:-Name Approval Suggest at least 6 Company name. We will do search for the name availability. Apply ROC for the name approval with adding word Private Limited.
  •  3:- MOA & AOA Consent Once name is approved by the ROC File Incorporation document with ROC like AOA or MOA Consent of the Director, Affidavit and declaration from directors etc.
  •  4:- Company Incorporation Once Incorporation form is approved by the ROC, ROC shall issue Certificate of the Incorporation with TAN and PAN Number.
Advantage of India subsidiary
  •  The holding company provides the Indian Subsidiary Company Registration with the buying power, research and development funds and marketing money and know-how, employees, technical and other features which otherwise it could not afford or accomplish alone Foreign Subsidiary Online.The parent can be provided monetary means & capability to the jump Open new companies and products.
  • Ability to the offset profits & losses of one part of a business with the another.
  • Liabilities and credit claims are locked that Indian Subsidiary Company Registration and can’t passed on the parent company.
  • Allows for the joint ventures with the other companies with each owning portion of the new Open business operation.

Register an Indian Subsidiary Company

  • (a) DSC & DIN.
  • (b) End-to-End Company Registration.
  • (c) MOA & AOA.
  • (d) Basic Advice related to the FDI.
  • (e) Application of TAN & PAN.
  • (d) Opening of Bank Account.
  • (e) Advice on the applicable Registration.


  • Minimum 2 Shareholders.
  • Place of the registered office.
  • Minimum 2 Directors.
  • Minimum Capital Requirement minimum Capital of Rupees.1,00,000/-.

Frequently asked questions :-

Q1. What is a Indian Subsidiary Company ?
Ans:- Indian Subsidiary Company Online:- A Subsidiary is a company with the voting stock that is more than 50% controlled another company usually referred to the parent company or holding company. A subsidiary is party or completely owned by parent company.
Q2. How to Set Up a Subsidiary ?
Ans:- To setup one of these companies, you only need sole director. The need for the company secretary waived some years ago. The only restriction that sole director can’t then act as company secretary. When you register as a sole director, you will be entering both your residential address & service address. Only service address will be appear in public records. The key here is that various documentation you submit regarding shareholders you will be both individual director & another company as shareholder. and you prohibited from entire company owned by another company. Once you submit documents, you will be decision within 24 hours from the Companies House
Q3. Can a Foreign National or NRI hold shares of a Private Limited Company?
Ans:- Yes, a Foreign National or NRI Foreign Companies can be hold shares of a Private Limited Company subject to the Foreign Direct Investment or FDI Guidelines.  
Q4. What is Digital Signature ?
Ans:- A digital signature is a mathematical technique used to validate the authenticity and integrity of a message, software or digital document. The digital equivalent of a handwritten signature/stamped seal,digital signature offers far more inherent security, and intended to solve the problem of tampering and impersonation in digital communications.
Q5. What is Director Identification Number DIN ?
Ans:- Director Identification Number is a unique 8-Digit number that is need for any existing or proposed Director of the Company. DIN introduced in India by way of the Companies Amendment Act, 2006. This is article we review to the process for Director Identification Number Search and Director Identification Number Registration.  
Q6 What do I need to quickly incorporate my Company?
Ans:- To incorporate Company quickly, make sure to the proposed name of Private Limited Company is a very unique. Names that are similar to the existing private limited company or limited liability partnership or LLP or trademark can be rejected & additional time will required for the resubmission of names.  
Q7 What are the requirements to be a Director?
Ans:- The Director needs to be over 18 years of the age and must be natural person. There are no limitations in the terms of citizenship or residency. So, foreign nationals can directors in the Indian Private Limited Company.  
Q8 How long is the registration of the Company valid for?
Ans:- Company is a incorporated, it will active and in existence as long to the annual compliances are met with the regularly. In case, annual compliances are not complied with, Company will be become a Dormant Company & maybe struck off from register after period of the time. A struck-off Company can revived for the period of up to 20 years.  
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