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One Person Company

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One Person Company

What is a One Person Company ?

One Person Company :-  OPC is stand for (One Person Company) it’s similar to Private Limited.
But little different from Private Limited. OPC has one director and one nominees. In this not
required minimum two director or shareholders.

Documents required for registration of One Person Company

  • KYC (Identity and address proof)
  • Business Address Proof (Electric Bill, Water Bill, Telephone Bill)
  • Nominees Details and KYC.
  • Email id And Phone number
What you received after Registration?
  • You get these things after registration
  • Digital Signature
  • Chance of COI (Certificate of Incorporation)

time of process : 10 to 15 working days


Pricing :-

Basic 1,999/- + Govt Fees
Premium 7,999/- + Govt Fees
Super Premium 15,999/- Govt Fees
Benefits of One Person Company
  • Entity has separate legal
  • Easy and quick funding
  • Opportunity more exploring business.
  • Minimum Requirement like 1 director, 1 Shareholder, and 1 nominee (Shareholder and director may be same)
  • Single owner
  • Rating in credit
  • Benefit in Income Tax


  •  1:-  Name approval (Name approval is first stage of OPC)
  •  2:- After successfully name approval further process start.
  •  3:- Provide us Notarized INC-9

Frequently asked questions :-

Q1. What is OPC ?
Ans:- OPC is stand for (One Person Company Online) it’s similar to Private Limited. But it is little different from Private Limited. OPC has one director and one nominees. In this not required minimum two director or shareholders.
Q2. How to form an OPC in India ?
Ans:- 1. Filing Form INC-1 2. Filing Forms INC-2 & INC-3 3. Filing Forms DIR-12 & INC-22
Q3. Is FDI allowed for OPC in India ?
Ans:- No, Foreign Direct Investment or FDI into a one person company (OPC) in India is restricted.  
Q4. What if, a nominee of 1 OPC becomes nominee of another OPC?
Ans:- As per the Act, Nominee of 1 OPC, can’t be a nominee of the another One Person Company Certificate registration. In this event, Nominee has to withdraw his membership from either of OPCs within one hundred & eighty days.
Q5. Whether an OPC can be converted to a Public Limited Company and vice versa?
Ans:- A One person company(OPC) can be converted to Public Limited Company; however a public limited company can’t be converted to an One person company.  
Q6. How many Directors can OPC appoint?
Ans:- One person company can have one or more Directors on the board. No special mention made for number of directors. As per the provisions of the Sec 149 a One person company can have a maximum of 15 directors. It can, appoint more than 15 directors after passing to special resolution.  
Q7. Could OPC formed in the regime of the Companies Act, 1956?
Ans:- One person company online (OPC)is a new concept introduced in Companies Act, 2013. So, OPC could not formed under earlier Acts.  
Q8. What type of OPC can formed and incorporated?
Ans:- As per section 3(1) and (2), One person company online can only be incorporated as a private limited company. Such a company may be either:- 1. a company limited by shares; 2. a company limited by guarantee; 3. an unlimited company  
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