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Professional Tax

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Professional Tax

What is a Professional Tax ?

Professional tax is tax that is a levied by state government on the all individuals who earn a living through any medium. It is should not be confused with definition of the professionals that indicates people such as the doctors. and tax that to be paid by every single earning individual. The calculation and amount collected may the differ from one state to the another but it’s has limit of @ Rs. 2500 per year.

Documents required for Professional Tax Registration

From all Directors and Shareholders
  • PAN Card of the Company.
  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum & Articles of Association or AoA.
  • Copy of List of the Directors of Company.
  • Address proof and ID Proof of the directors.
  • Certified true resolution passed by Board for the Professional Tax registration.
  • List of Employees (On the letterhead of the company).
  • Address proof and ID Proof of Authorized Signatory.
  • Address proof of the business.
  • Cancelled Cheque.

Profession Tax Registration Process

  • 1 Working Day: You need to the send PAN cards, address proofs and identity of the partners /proprietor /directors. Details of your employees also requirement submitted.
  • 2 Working Days: The Professional Tax application will be filed for all the employees and submitted respective authorities by our affiliate. Should all your documents in order, this will be take no longer than the 2 working days.
  • 7 Working Days: Within 5 to 7 working days, we will be given you basic acknowledgement. If documents are not in order or inspector asks for the additional documents, the process will be completed soon as you submit additional documents. The hard copy is a issued within 10 Days in the major cities, but would take 15 to 20 Days elsewhere.

Included our package for professional tax

  • (a) Tax Consultation.
  • (b) Government fees.
  • (c) Application drafting.
  • (d) Documentation.

Advantage of professional tax

  • Reduce the overall balance you owe.
  • Enjoy a little piece of mind again.
  • Avoid losing your home or other property from an IRS seizure.
  • Get caught up on past returns.
  • Stop or prevent an IRS wage garnishment.
  • Settle your outstanding tax debt for the much less than you actually owe.
  • Assistance during audits.
  • Avoid having your bank account the levied.
  • Avoid dings in your credit score due to the unpaid tax issues.

Frequently asked questions :-

 Who is liable to pay Profession Tax?
Every person engaged actively/otherwise in any profession, trade and callings/employment and falling under one or other of classes mentioned in second column of the Schedule I appended to Profession Tax Act, is liable to the pay Profession Tax.
What are the categories of persons liable for the Profession Tax?
The categories of persons liable for the Professional Tax Registration Online are any individual, a Hindu Undivided Family, company, firm and corporation or other corporate body, any society, club/association.
Where and how much Profession Tax to be paid?
The Profession Tax paid according to the Schedule I appended to act at any of places defined as ‘treasury’ in the rule 2(7).  
What is the rate interest for late payment?
The rate of interest is a one & quarter percent per month of amount of such as belatedly paid tax.
What is the procedure pay professional tax?
This is again State specific. However, in the general professional tax paid either online and offline. Further, depending on State’s requirement professional tax return also need to the filed at specified intervals.  
Professional Tax Exemption Clauses ?
 A person suffering 40% or more of the permanent physical disability/blindness.  Parent/guardian of the physically challenged or mentally retarded child.
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