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TDS Return

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TDS Return

TDS Return

TDS return is quarterly statement to the given income tax department. It is a compulsory for the deductors to submit TDS return on a time.A TDS Return is a quarterly statement which has to submitted to the I-T department. Submitting TDS Return is a mandatory if you are deductor. It has to be details TDS deducted and deposited by you. TDS Returns include the details PAN of the deductor/deductees, particulars of the tax paid to government, TDS challan information and other details as a required in the forms.

process of TDS Return

  • Login
  • Add a Deductor
  • Add & Verify Challan Payments
  • Add Deductees and Employees
  • Verify TDS Return & Generate FVU
  • TDS Return Filing (,Online TDS Return Filing, Physical Filing)
  • Work Completion

Details required to file TDS returns are:

Following documents of proprietor
  • PAN of the deductor & deductee
  • TAN of the deductor & deductee
  • Amount of the tax paid to government
  • TDS challan information
  • Others, if any

Due Dates to File TDS Returns/ TDS Statements

for quarter ending on 30th June: – 31st July for quarter ending on 30th September: – 31st October for quarter ending on 31st December: – 31st January for quarter ending on 31st March: – 31st May

Procedure or process for TDS Return

Deduction all Details(all details of our company who is a filing) Challan Details(details of the monthly TDS challans which we have field) Deductee Details challan vise (details of the different parties whose TDS we have deducted one challan)

Benefits of TDS

Filing TDS return is a mandatory as per income tax Act, 1961. Some of its benefits are:
Its helps in the regular collection of taxes. Ensures flow of the regular income to the government. Reduces burden of the lump sum tax payment. It helps in spreading entire tax payment over the number of months which makes it easier for the taxpayer. Offers an easy mode the tax payment to the payer.
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