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Trademark Objection

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Trademark Objection

What is a Trademark Objection ?

A Trademark objection is a kind of the opposition to trademark registration. After Registrar of the Trademarks examines your trademark registration application, there will be two possible scenarios. He will either accept application for the registration or raise an the objection. It means refusal Trademark by Examiner through issue of an Examination Report for Trademark Application.


  • 1. Complete a Simple Form :-
    You are required to the fill your details in our simple questionnaire & submit documents.
  • 2. Objection Submission :-
    We will be draft required objection and file with Registrar.
  • 3. Your work is completed :-
    The objection is a filed , acknowledgement slip of the same shall be sent.

Required Documents for Trademark Objection

  • Authorization Documents
  • Examination Report of the Trademark
  • ID Proof
  • Address Proof

Two type of trademark objective

Formal objective Substantive objectives

included in our Package.

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