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Trademark Rectification

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Trademark Rectification

Trade marks: rectification

Rectification is a legal procedure which allows anyone to apply correct an error or omission recorded details of the registered trademark. A trademark can be one word, sign, a group of words, logo, symbol, or a combination of the any of that you can use distinguish your product from those of your competitors. A trademark can be protected through the registration. Registration gives trademark owner the exclusive right to the use mark and to prevent others from using similar or same marks on identical or related goods & services.

Process of trademark rectification

  • Share the Application No. of the trademark :-
    You are required to the share Trademark Application No. so identify the exact reason for the Formalities check fail.
  • Preparation of drafting and reply or rectification :-
    On basis of the reasoning application formality chk fail, appropriate drafting and reply rectification would to be prepared.
  • Filing of reply :-
    Once the documents like fresh TM-48 (for the Trademark filed by Third Party) is signed and document and reply would to be filed within 2 to 3 Days filed with trademark registrar to the complete Formality Chk Pass.

Required Document

PAN CARD 2 copy of Passport Size Photo of Directors Identity Proof /Passport /Aadhaar Card
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