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Temporary GST Registration

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Temporary GST Registration

What is Temporary GST registration ?

In India from 1st July, 2017 GST was implemented, and Temporary Taxable Entity or persons are also required to the obtain GST registration and the file GST returns. According GST Act, “Temporary Taxable Entity or persons” means person who occasionally undertakes transactions involving supply goods or services or both in the course or furtherance of the business and whether as the principal, agent or in any other capacity, in State or Union territory where has no fixed place of the business. A casual taxable person is mandatorily required to obtain good and service tax registration irrespective of the annual aggregate sales turnover. For Casual Taxable Persons it hard maintain fixed place of the business or file monthly good and service tax returns continuously, because their business would be seasonal in the nature with no fixed place of the business. Special provisions provided under to the GST Act for the registration of casual taxable persons. Casual taxable persons are required to he obtain good and service tax registration under special category at least 5 Days prior undertaking of the business. Temporary GST registration can be taken by the any individual nature of the business is a casual or business are for few months. GST registration will be automatically cancelled after tenure for the which registration has been granted.

Process of Temporary GST registration

Following steps are involved in GST Registration process:

First Step:
  • Open GST portal and click on the “New GST Registration” option available under registration section of the Services.
Second Step:

all the required information including:

  • Location your business.
  • Legal name your business.
  • PAN of your business.
  • Email Id Address.
  • Mobile Number.
Third Step:
  • The contact information provided by you verified through the one time passwords (OTP).
Fourth Step:
  • Now, you are required fill the online GST Registration Form & attach all required documents. Verify all the particulars & submit application.
Fifth Step:
  • After successful submission of the online GST Registration application, you will receive an (ARN) Application Reference Number via Text Message or Email.
Sixth Step:
  • After due to consideration and the scrutiny by designated GST officer, your application will be either approved or you will be asked to the furnish further documents necessary for approval new GST Registration.

Required Temporary GST registration Documents

You have to require to the prepare some documents as per legal entity:-
  • (a) In case of Sole Proprietorship Firm -
    Address Proof of the proprietor and Pan Card
    any other firm registration certificate like e.g- MSME Registration etc.
  • (b) In case of Partnership Firm -
    Pan card the Firm with deed.
    Partnership registration certificate and address proof and partners id.
  • (c) In case of One Person Company or Private Limited Company -
    Pan Card of the Company MOA, COI and AOA of Company.
    Board Resolution with the Directors Id and Address Proof.
  • (d) In case of the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) -
    Pan Card of Company and COI.
    Partners Id + Deed and Address Proof

Advantage of Temporary GST registration

GST is an important tool which stops the back money and marketing.

After the GST both sales and purchases transaction details stored in the government records. Financial position of the different states will be much the stronger. All the unnecessary expanses will stopped after applying the GST. The coordination between the state and central will improves as there is no management of various taxes such as service tax, excise duty etc. Another benefit is the interstate business will be cheaper. GST will bring transparency tax system.
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