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Here is the List of Compliances which we covered in our Package:-

1 Hold First Board meeting of the Company

2.Appoint First Auditor of your Company

  1. File Inc-20A (Commencement of Business) to the MCA
  2. Preparation and Issue of Share Certificates to all shareholders
  3. Filing MPB 01(Disclosures of Interest by Directors)
  4. Filing DIR-08 (Disclosure of Non-Disqualification by Directors)
  5. Preparation of Notice and Minutes of Board Meetings(Quarterly)
  6. Preparation of Annual General Meetings & Extra Ordinary General Meeting
  7. Preparation & Filing of Balance sheet & P&L Accounts
  8. Preparation & Filing of Audit Report,Director’s Report & Extract of Annual Returns
  9. Filing of Income Tax …
    [13:02, 1/6/2022] TAXHINT ADVISOR PVT. LTD.: Dear,
    It is our pleasure that we have an opportunity to place an association proposal with your organization in terms of software development. The following are the details of work that will be developed within your required software package.

Quotation for Nidhi Software

Below are certain features of the software which includes Member Mgt.,Deposit Mgt.,Officer Mgt., and many more.

Deposit Modules

Create Saving Deposits, Fixed Deposits (FD), Recurring Deposits (RD), MIS, Daily Deposit Schemes (DDS)
Auto Interest Rate Calculation – Based on Fixed, Cumulative Interest Rate Settings
Debit and Credit from Saving Deposit Bond, Passbook, Interest Certificate, RD Transaction Receipt Printing Available

Loan Module