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ESI Return

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ESI Return

ESI Return

(ESI) is a self-financing grouping safety and being healthy insurance design for the indian workers. For all employees making, getting (money) INR 15000 or less per month as a payments, the person, company giving work to the another gives for common purpose 4.75 rate on hundred and worker gives for the common purpose 1.75 rate on hundred, Total statement of the part-owner 6.5 rate on a hundred. This money is a managed by ESI Corporation (ESI) according rules and rules conditioned there the ESI Act 1948, which over-sees to the statement in law medical and money benefits the employees and their family through its greatly sized network of the branch offices, dispensaries and hospitals throughout India. ESI is self-ruled business company under chief government offices of work & Employment and Government of India. But most dispensaries and hospitals are run by had a part in the state governments.

Benefits of ESI:-

  • Medical Benefits
  • Disability Benefit
  • Maternity Benefit
  • Sickness Benefit
  • Unemployment Allowance
  • Dependent's Benefit
Documents for ESI Returns

  • Your details of ESIC Registration (If not registered yet, you may ask your Tax Expert for the Registration Services).

  • Details of the Employees, their wages & ESI Contribution thereon (Alternatively, you may share Salary Sheets or Salary Registers maintained).

  • Receipts of the ESI Payments.

How to filing ESI return or process of ESI return

  • We will remind you before due date.
  • Submit Documents.
  • Verification of Documents.
  • Preparation of ESI Return.
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