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Trademark Registration

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Trademark Registration

What is TradeMark ?

A trademark is a distinguishing sign that distinguishes a person’s goods (Services) or good (Products) from those of the competitors. It is kind of a Logo or a trademark.  Registering the trademark for Intellectual Property gives the person the exclusive right to use the trademark for goods certain and goods services for an extendable period of 10 years. It helps to protect a figure, a melody, a word, or product of a company.

Process of trademark

Complete our simple form
  • You are supposed fill your all details in our simple questionnaire & submit documents.
Filing of trademark application
  • We will file Trademark application with Registrar trademarks.
Your work is done
  • We will mail you receipt given by the Trademark Registry & now you can use trademark with your Logo/ Brand Name.

Document required

Following documents of proprietor
  • Product Original Copy
  • Scan Copy of Logo
  • Owner Name and Address and ID Proof
  • Company Address , Company Proof
  • Company Registration Photocopy

Included In Our Package?

Consultation. Application Preparation. Name search & approval. Application Filing. Same day Filing. Government Fees.


Legal Protection. Exclusive Entity. Intangible Asset. Global Trademark Registration. Valid for 10 years. Secure a future company name. Edge over Competition. Use of ® symbol. rotection against infringement. Attract Human Resources. Creation of Asset. Differentiates Product.

Pricing of Trademark :-

Lower 3,000/-
Medium 4,500/-
High 9,000/-
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